What is a computer virus?

Viruses are programs that can attack computers, tablets, phones and other digital devices. A virus is a small program designed to cause trouble by gaining access to your device. It can copy your personal data or slow your device down. A virus spreads by duplicating and attaching itself to other files. Viruses are just one type of malware. Other types include spyware, worms and trojans.

What is malware?

Malware is the term used to describe a computer program with a malicious, destructive or concealed purpose. There are many types of malware including: computer viruses, spyware, browser hijackers, fake security or fake support software, Trojan horses, worms, back-doors, keyloggers and root-kits. Some malware displays annoying, unwanted advertising. Other malware destroys files or scrambles them and then demands a ransom of hundreds of dollars in untraceable bitcoin in order to recover them. Fortunately, most malware can be removed by a skilled technician without loss of data.

Our approach to computer virus removal

At Heisenberg Technologies, we are constantly refining our methods of computer virus removal to address the latest threats. Emphasis is placed on preserving your software environment instead of the alternative, which is to: backup your data, wipe the hard drive clean, reinstall Windows and all of your programs from scratch and then restore your data from backup – a lengthy and expensive process. If you suspect your desktop, laptop or smartphone is infected and you need computer virus removal don’t take chances. Compromised systems are often infected by more than one malicious program. A friend or relative that knows a little about computers may be able to remove some of the malware, but will often overlook the more dangerous, deeply hidden infections.

After computer virus removal, three additional steps are performed as part of our service. We repair the damage done by the malware, secure your system (by restoring appropriate security settings, installing updates and replacing expired antivirus products) and we provide guidance to minimize the risk of future infections. This “long view” approach saves you time and money.